SwimFin Swimming Float (Blue) in Yio Chu Kang Road, Northeast Singapore for sale

SwimFin Swimming Float (Blue)
SwimFin Swimming Float (Blue)
SwimFin Swimming Float (Blue)
SwimFin Swimming Float (Blue)

Is your child afraid of being in the water? Are you considering paying for expensive swimming lessons for your toddler? Have you used all sorts of floats but found that they keep your child in an upright position and don't really help your child to learn the correct swimming positions?
Why not give the SwimFin a go?
The SwimFin is a teaching aid, a floating device, and a fun toy all in one. It is easy to use (just strap and go) and is suitable for beginner to advanced swimmers. The SwimFin encourages your child to move in the water using his or her own efforts, and helps to develop proper swimming habits in the process.
Now you can teach your child to be confident in the water and impart a variety of strokes (even the backstroke!), while saving money you would otherwise spend on swimming lessons.
Even if you do want your child to get professional coaching in the future, the SwimFin gives your child a headstart so you don't have to pay for someone to teach your child over many lessons to swim with a kickboard.
Bonus: lots of bonding fun while imparting an essential life skill.
The SwimFin is suitable for:
1) Children aged 3 and above (may be used on younger children, but as always, make there there is close adult supervision);
2) Weight ranging from 10-90kg.
This is the original SwimFin.
Meetups and courier options are available.